At Once

Definition of “at once”: 1) at the same time; 2) without delay.

There are many people who I feel connected with and who I love deeply that have vastly different beliefs than my own. Politics and religion have very little to do with love. If I find myself always surrounded by people who think the same as I do, then I can never experience the amazing joy that comes from loving and appreciating those who are very different. Finding myself with those who think differently affords me an opportunity to practice openness. In seasons where differences and division dominant, could it be an opportunity to have a meal with those on the opposite side of my belief?  Can I sit down and look at their faces?  Do I look into their eyes?   Do I ask them about their lives?  Do I want to learn of their struggles and victories?  For one moment, can I set aside strife and put on love?  Will I become a student of love and change the world at once?

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  1. Darlyne Niranjani Gallaway says:

    Thank you, sadhana brother, for your thoughts. I had done a search for Siddha Yoga’s sour cereal and found your recipe and then your blog. The old recipe I had listed coconut, but not when to add it. I appreciate your detailed instructions. I have some simmering on the stove right now. Did you know that you did not list any quantity for salt? I just added salt to taste. All blessings to you! Niranjani

  2. Allen Astin says:

    Niranjani! Thank you. Salt is the second to last ingredient listed: 2 ½ – 3 level teaspoons of salt (or to taste). Love and blessings to you my friend!

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